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About us - Eastea By Meeran

A cup of tea is the perfect refresh button for any lousy day. It can turn two strangers into friends, as every sip counts for a memory. Tea is what families bond over. Some like it black, some like it creamy, while some others like it sweet. Tea is where discussions begin. Good quality tea often leads to good conversations. The trader in ME Meeran wanted to provide this quality tea to the masses. Eastea is a flagship product of Group Meeran. It was launched in 2005. In 2010, Eastea was incorporated as a private limited company. Today it is an integral part of our business. Eastea is produced and packed in our factories. From sourcing to selection to blending, it all happens at our factories. Our goal is that every tea lover wakes up asking for a cup of Eastea. We take pride that Eastea brings families together. Our latest factory comes with state of the art facilities so that every cup of Eastea comes packed with flavour and aroma. We have strived and innovated consistently to make the best tea. We believe if we start with quality, our destination will be excellence.

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